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Know what look cool? Our posters.

Know what look cool? Our posters.

So classy so so so classy

Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants

—Catch a fire

FUn fun fun night last night at Ayrley’s with so much dancing and friends and music. Wonderful Elijah Innes took this photo and mojo mojo mojoooo juju and the snake oil merchants song. Kath was hillarious and emma and I waltzed to johannas on piano, saga on violin and leo on guitar. Isaac kept washing his hair and bal wore a dress and danced and it was a really great night.

The Theatre of Cruelty gives expression to everything that is ‘crime, love, war, or madness’ in order to ‘unforgettably root within us the ideas of perpetual conflict, a spasm in which life is continually lacerated, in which everything in creation rises up and asserts itself against our appointed rank.’

— Nathan Gorelick

Braces on his teeth what what?!

Bob & Ayrley

Pete came and organised everything

"I’m never going to build another roof when this is done."

Friday morning with ayrs was pretty good